Original Blackwater Chapter Members & Projects

There were twenty chapter members, sixteen were present at the organization meeting. Charter Members were:

Mrs. L. H. (Pearl) Mott
Vice Regent:
Mrs. Albert (Susan Colborn) Minear
Mrs. J. D. D. (Gladys) Duncan
Mrs. Harold (Flora) Phelps
Mrs. Ray (Marie Hahn) Lipscomb
Mrs. Lena Heironimus
Mrs. C. H. (Lulu Minear) Loeber
Mrs. J. D. (Willard Auvil) Jordan
Mrs. T. B. (Ethyl Digman) Waters
Mrs. Fred (Elizabeth Harman) Painter
Mrs. C. H. (Ruth) Harman
Mrs. Eva Harman Corrick
Mrs. H. H. (Virginia Bane) Harrison
Mrs. Ella Nash Ward
Mrs. C. G. (Hattie Parsons Hahn) Lucas
Mrs. C. R. (Lucille Hagerty Roberts ) Parsons
Mrs. William (Ruth Collett) Hamby
Mrs. Lloyd (Lalah Scott) Fankhouser
Mrs. John (Nelle Harper) McNeely
Mrs. Hob (Emma) Parsons

Mrs. Emma Parsons was a real granddaughter of a Revolutionary Soldier. She was quite elderly when she joined, but she lived to enjoy five years as a member of the Blackwater Chapter. Ruth Collett Hamby lived only three years. Seven of the charter members resigned and one transferred. Mrs. Lena Heironimus, one of the first members, died in September 1980.

One of the first projects sponsored by the chapter was marking the graves of Revolutionary soldiers buried in Tucker County: William Parsons, Samuel Bonnifield, Salathial Goff, Henry Fansler and David Minear.

The chapter also gathered records of World War I deaths and copied records from tombstones, bible marriages, birth, death, will and court records to furnish authentic dates of the early history of Tucker County.